Jamie Geer trial: Secrets and sex began early

2:51 PM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida - Jamie Geer's accuser took the stand in a Pinellas County courtroom today and pointed him out as her molester.

The former Clearwater fire chief is charged with lewd and lascivious battery and unlawful sex with a minor. His alleged victim is now 19.  Because of the nature of the charges, 10 News is not identifying the teen. In our televised news reports, you will not see her face clearly and we have also altered her voice. We are also not revealing some information about the case that could lead to her identity.

The victim says Geer came into her life at a young age and the talk about sex started when she was just 7 years old. She told jurors the talk soon progressed into show and tell.

"And how did he show you?" questioned prosecutor Kelly McKnight.

"He ended up pulling his pants down at one point, showing me what it was like to have an erect penis," responded the girl.

As she grew older, the teen says Geer would buy her gifts in exchange for performing various sexual acts. When Geer was Clearwater's fire chief, the girl says he would take her to fire conventions and buy her lingerie.

"He has me put it on, helps me with the garters and stockings, pulls out his video camera, and has me pose up against the wall," the teen says about one such trip and stay at a hotel.

But Geer's attorney is trying to discredit the girl's testimony. During his opening statement to jurors, David Parry stressed the fact that when law enforcement initially questioned the girl, she told them Geer did nothing wrong.

"She repeatedly says to them, 'Look, nothing has ever happened,'" Parry told the jury.

But jurors also took notes and listened intently to a taped phone call between Geer and the girl. During the call, she questions him about why he had sex with her and instead of denying the acts, Geer blames her curiosity and then apologizes.

"I'm sorry if I ever put pressure on you or made anything difficult - never meant to do that," Geer says on the tape.

The trial continues on Thursday. If convicted, Geer could get life in prison.

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