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Jill Kelley's connection to 4 key men in the Petraeus sex scandal

9:13 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - The 37-year-old Tampa socialite, well known in the military community, finds herself in the center of a scandal connected to four men, all key players: General John Allen, General David Petraeus, an anonymous FBI agent and her husband oncologist Doctor Scott Kelley.

General John Allen is a four star general and head commander in Afghanistan.  Pentagon officials say Allen is being investigated for sending between 20 and 30,000 emails between him and Kelley from 2010 to this year. A Department of Defense official says the emails may be "potentially inappropriate."

The investigation may halt Allen's military career. The general's nomination to become NATO's supreme allied commander has been put on hold.

"General Allen is entitled to due process," says George Little, Pentagon spokesperson. Little says the confirmation hearings will be delayed until the investigation is complete. Little says in the meantime, General Allen will remain as commander in Afghanistan.

Allen has reportedly told Pentagon officials he has not done anything wrong. Allen intervened in the custody battle of Kelley's twin sister earlier this year. In September he wrote a letter to the judge on Kelley's sister behalf, calling her a dedicated mother.

That custody battle also involved General David Patraeus. He too wrote a letter to the judge. Patraeus met Kelley during his days as the head of US Central Command at MacDill. The Patraeuses and Kelleys are often seen pictured together at parties Kelley hosted. 

She is an unpaid social liaison for MacDill.  In June, Kelley reported threatening emails to an FBI agent that ended up being from Patraeus' married mistress. Kelley and Patraeus have said they are only friends.

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Those who know Patraeus say he will survive this.

"It's a real shame, in this situation. His leadership skills as leader and person get him through this situation," says John Osterweil, Patraeus' friend.

Kelley's anonymous FBI agent and friend reported the emails to the agency's cyber crimes unit. FBI officials say the same agent sent shirtless pictures of himself to Kelley months earlier.

Then there's the 4th man in Kelley's life, her husband Tampa oncologist Dr. Scott Kelley. The two have three children.

Dr. Scott Kelley is sitting on the sidelines watching this scandal unfold, with his wife caught in the middle. Dr. Kelley is often seen pictured with his wife at parties they host. Many of the parties at their $1.5 million mansion on Bayshore Boulevard have been for high ranking military officials such as General David Patraeus and his wife Holly, good friends of the Kelleys for the last five years.

While Jill Kelley is known as a socialite in the Bay area, her husband is known for his medical work.

Dr. Kelley is one of a handful of doctors who use a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to treat cancer of the esophagus. Dr. Kelley moved to Tampa from the Northeast and began working at USF's Moffit Cancer Center in 2003 as an assistant member of the gastrointestinal tumor program. He left Moffit in 2008 and now works in Lakeland at the Watson Clinic as a surgical oncologist. A doctor rating site gives Kelley a good rating with 3 out of 5 stars from patients.

The Kelleys have gone through some financial problems, including a foreclosure since their move to Tampa from Philadelphia.

The Kelleys hired a PR firm and crisis manager to handle all this publicity. They released one statement this week, asking that their family's privacy as well as Patraeus' family be respected.

But it doesn't seem like the spot light will be dimming anytime soon.

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