Horse Rescue finds loophole to get charity status reinstated

8:48 PM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
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Weeki Wachee, Florida - There's a new president of the Domino Effect Horse Rescue and it has gotten its charity status reinstated by the Department of Agriculture. The new president is the owner's wife, Dinelle Ashcraft, and when she reapplied for the charity status the state said yes.

Her husband Bob Ashcraft admitted on camera that he violated state law and solicited charitable contributions for his Domino Effect Horse Rescue without registering with the state. When he did apply for charitable status, Ashcraft lied and said he was not a convicted felon.  "I admit that I didn't know all the proper places you had to file to get registered." says Ashcraft.

He also claims he misread the application and was under the impression that a person had to have been convicted of a felony while soliciting for a charitable organization and not convicted of other crimes. Once the state found out he was a felon, they revoked the rescue's charitable status.

Spokesman for the Department of Agriculture Sterling Ivey said they reached an agreement with Domino Effect.  "We entered into that settlement agreement with Mr. Ashcraft which states he will not act in a fund raising or solicit funds in any manner for any charitable organization in the State of Florida." said Ivey.

Domino Effect Horse Rescue came to the attention of the 10 News Investigators when neighbors and horse lovers across Hernando county called and emailed the Hernando Animal Control. Complaints that horses were not being cared for at the rescue were pouring in. Ashcraft admitted he was not running a retirement home for horses.  

Now that Ashcraft's wife has taken over as president, they submitted a new application with the state. Sterling Ivey said, "That does allow the Domino Effect to register under his wife's name. He can still be listed as an officer as long as he is not participating in soliciting funds or fund raising activities, by letter of the law we have to allow the charity to be registered." Ivey also added that the charity will be on a short leash and have their status yanked and fined if they learn Mr. Ashcraft is soliciting funds or handling money.


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