Titusville firefighters charged in tainted canteen incident resign

2:53 PM, Mar 15, 2012   |    comments
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Titusville, Florida -- Two Titusville firefighters charged in connection with putting a poisonous substance into another employee's canteen have resigned and are no longer employed by the City of Titusville.

"It's case closed on our side of things," said Scott Gaenicke, spokesperson for Titusville Fire & Emergency Services.

Randy Moore, 40, driver and operator, resigned Tuesday. Rod Donhoff, firefighter and paramedic, resigned Feb. 29.

Moore faces charges of poisoning water/food and aggravated stalking. Donhoff was charged with stalking and petty theft of government property.

On Feb. 9, Lt. Phil Jones discovered a substance that smelled like a petroleum-based solvent in a canteen he would use during a brush fire. According to police, the substance was Gunk, an aerosol cleaning substance.

Police say Moore confessed he committed the incidents with a fellow firefighter and admitted he was aware of the potential consequences to the victim.

Donhoff admitted to police he was present for other acts of harassment against the Jones.

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