Missing Bay area woman: Best-friend speaks out, boyfriend skips town

8:26 AM, Mar 17, 2011   |    comments
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Kelly Rothwell

Indian Rocks Beach, FL - She vanished without a trace.

The 35-year-old Indian Rocks Beach woman was training to be a police officer but now, detectives are looking for her.

"She was such a kind person.  She only wants to help people and make a difference," said Donna Scharrettt who was the last person to see Kelly Rothwell.

They did a girls night on Friday.  Grocery store surveillance camera caught a glimpse of both women as they grabbed a couple of pizzas for dinner.

The next morning, the two went to yoga, then lunch at this Clearwater Chili's.

"That was the last time I saw Kelly, she had plans to go home and break up with Dave."

Detectives say Kelly was sharing an apartment in Indian Rocks Beach with her boyfriend David Perry.

He is a 46-year-old retired corrections officer.

"She tried to break up in the past and he would just dominate."

Since Kelly disappeared, David skipped town.

Detectives say he is now in New York, refusing to cooperate with the investigation.  That makes this friend fear the worst.

"My gut tells me Kelly is gone," said Scharrett.

That is why Scharrett saved two voicemail messages from Kelly on her phone, just so, she can always hear her voice say, "Donna, Donna butterfly!  Its Kelly!  Happy Sunday... "

On Sunday, detectives say there was a man at Kelly's apartment, taking out the trash and watering the flowers.

It turned out to be Perry's 21-year-old son, David Perry Jr.

When 10 News contacted him, he said he was also in New York and had "talked with everyone he needed to talk to."

With that, he hung up the phone.

If you know anything about Rothwell's disappearance, call the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Erica Pitzi, 10 News Reporter

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