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Royal Wedding Tampa Bay: Why do they call it that? Royal Wedding edition

6:15 AM, Apr 27, 2011   |    comments
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Honeymoon Island State Park

So much of the royal wedding action is happening in far-off England. But we found some connections to the royal wedding in the names of places all over Tampa Bay.

Why do they call it Honeymoon Island?

What a beautiful state park off the coast of Dunedin! And what a horrendous name!

This pristine place was called Hog Island until a developer from New York showed up. In 1939, he built 50 thatched bungalows and a landing strip here.

And he renamed the island to attract his target audience -- honeymooners.

Why do they call it Coronet?

There's a type of jeweled crown that appears on Prince William's Coat of Arms that's called a coronet.

And there was also a Coronet in Hillsborough County. It was a company town built around a massive mining operation southeast of Plant City.

The workers were digging up phosphates and employed by the Coronet Mining Company. Eventually, the mines were used up, and the homes were packed up and sold, for $200 to $500 bucks a piece.

Smokestacks from the last Coronet plant were toppled as the facility was demolished in 2006.

As we royally roam across Tampa Bay, we'll find Knights and a pair of Kings in Brandon -- in the forms of Knights Avenue, Kings Avenue, and Kingsway Road.

The names continue -- from Kingsway to Kings Bay in Crystal River.

Why do they call it Middleton Magnet High School?

And, in honor of Kate Middleton, the beautiful bride, there's Tampa's Middleton Magnet High School.

It was once one of only two high schools in the city where black students could learn.

The school honors George S. Middleton, an early business and civic leader in Tampa's African American community.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

We found another great name connection here in the Bay Area. Our own local Catherine Middleton shares her name with the royal bride.

She'll be joining us on Friday morning right after the big event. It's part of our royal wedding coverage Friday on The Morning Show.

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